Lab 2: This is me, Donald Louch!

Hi, My Name Is Donald Louch

My name is Donald Louch, I'm a twenty-two-year-old photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. I was born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada and moved up to Nanaimo in September of 2015. I attended the Digital Communication and Digital Productions Writing and Design certificate program at Camosun College. I'm now attending Vancouver Island University (VIU) in the Bachelors of Art and Humanities program with a major in Digital Media Studies. I love technology and using technologies to create and maintain websites, watch and create YouTube videos, and listen to music. I am a Student Ambassador, a Student Leadership Circle Representative, Snapchat Coordinator, and one of the Event Organizer for the Digital Media Studies Club, at VIU.

My skills are: Photography

I have taken a number of pictures from professional landscape and portraits, to fun and creative selfies and nature photos. I have captured pictures from varies holidays that I have been on, different outdoor flower scenery, water falls (like shown to the right), the beautiful nature around us, food, animals, fun events that I have been to, myself, and myself with my boyfriend! I have taken way to many pictures to list all the different variations! I post these images on to my Instagram Account, my personal Facebook as well as my Facebook Page, and my Personal Website. And yes I just shamelessly plugged myself ;). I have been taking and editing pictures for the better half of eight years.

My skills are: Videography

I have created a multitude of videos ranging from vlogs, to tutorials, to challenges, to tags, to technology reviews, to landscape videography, and much more. I have also been taking and editing videos for the better half of eight years. I love the feeling of getting my camera out, thinking of what to say (and not say half of things thought of as I forget ;) ), filming myself or even B-roll, or filming what ever is at hand. Then taking the footage and import it to my computer and then going through the process of opening the editing software and editing the footage. Then waiting a long time for the footage to export once I am happy with the end product and uploading it.

My skills are: Website Design

I have created a multitude of websites in my past. I've mainly created them via. CMS sites such as Weebly and Wordpress. I'm currently in the middle of maintaining six websites. Among them are my main site (Donald Louch) and my technology blog (Technology Puzzle) in addition to some other personal websites and a URL Shortener. I also have done some client work with creating and maintaining websites for a Magazine (The Fishbowl Magazine), an Animal Rescue organization (RAR Victoria), and a community farm (Fieldstone Community Farm). I have in the past two or so years expanded this and began constructing my own websites from scratch! For instance I have completely coded my Status Site with HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript! I have also done this with my Portfolio Site and one of my clients website.

My skills are: and Graphic Design

I haven't done a whole lot of Graphic Design. However, I have created my own logo (to the left) with a few different iterations. I have created some of my vector images that I use on my sites. Furthermore, my Graphic Design class and I from Camsoun did the complete re-design of the print material for Crime Stoppers Greater Victoria (I did their Facebook banner).