Donald Louch - DIGI 220 Lab 7 Standard & Advanced

Basic CSS Formatting

It is a weakness of printed literature that this reciprocity between writer and reader is difficult to maintain. The printing-press separates the writer from his audience and fosters cross-purposes between them. The organization of the literary profession and the technique of good writing, as that is understood among ourselves, consist to a great extent of methods for mitigating this evil; but the evil is only mitigated and not removed. It is intensified by every new mechanization of art.

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I found that there was a significant difference in the displaying of this lab in all the different browsers. At first, I wasn't sure why this was until I figured out much later, that it was because there was no default font size. With that, the browsers were using their own default size. After adding a font size and configuring it properly to Goggle Chrome's browser; I noticed that there was a very slight difference between them.