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Bi-weekly Update (5)

November 9th, 2018 to November 23rd, 2018

General Thoughts

This weeks was focused on fixing all the issues that were brought up through the Beta Testing phase. With the further addition of completing the responsive design.


This update fixed 9 issues that were reported in the Beta Feedback in which was received.

1) From the beta testing it was brought to my attention that thumbnails can be a little slow to load. After further testing and searching I do believe this is a caching issue with DigitalOcean Spaces. I have done some Google Searches and have found a number of people have posted about this and I'll be doing further digging and hopefully will be able to fix this in the coming weeks.

2) Initially a tester was finding issues with the video ratios which was thought to be the actual video but turned out to be the thumbnail size (See fix in Feedback 3c); however, after implementing that fix I noticed that people can upload videos of any ratio! With that I need to figure out a way to get the ratio and then apply certain styles to make the video scale properly.

3) A tester was having some issues with the hover controls to which it wasn't as functional as it should. I do believe this had to do with the Responsive Design in which I have now completed! So for this issue I would say it's been fixed but may require further testing to verify!

4) I was noticing that dashboard messages weren't being added to the database and in which wasn't displaying on the dashboard. After debugging and searching though the code I was able to see that my issue was with truing to insert time() into the sql inject instead of using a variable. Thus, I switched the code to reflect the variable and now the messages are being added once again!

5) When I was coding the signup form to allow hyphens in last names I disabled the upload file for the profile avatars so that I could test the last name signups! I forgot to re-enable the form to allow for uploads; thus, when I had another tester they had some issues with the profile image which caused lots of issues with things such as the header and other areas.

6) From the other tester that I got they recommend that the textarea's should be shrunk and incorporate a way to show people where the textarea's start and end.

7) There was a few issues with the follow function which made it so users couldn't follow one another. This was to do with the fact that the follow database wasn't initialized when a user was signed up. This could also have something to do with a glitch with the users session in which I implemented a check fo users.

8) There was a few issues with the watch later function which made it so no one could use the watch later list. This was due to the fact as well that the watch later list wasn't initialized when a user was signed up. I further implemented, a manual button so that users can further initialize this.

9) There was some issues with uploading, creating accounts, editing accounts, and other account aspects. Thus I created a Session Checker which could be found at dashboard/UserSession.


I have completely restructured the CSS file which now includes a new sub section and even a new child sub section divider! All the code has been further been cleaned up and for the most part (besides maybe the odd place) the responsive design has been completed and the site should look good on all devices. This was something I was seeing in the In-Person Beta Testing that the site wasn't scaling as good as I thought. So I out a lot of effort into getting the site to properly scale!

I was able to fix all the issues that were brought up from the Beta Testing! There was a few issues that did need further testing to see the issue and possible fixes; however, I do believe I've been able to fix it! With that being said though it would be beneficial for further testing to make sure the issues have been fully fixed!

It was funny this whole time I kept thinking something is missing from the Account Settings page and I couldn't figure it out until I was looking in my administrator panel and then it finally clicked I'm missing the function to allow users to ..... delete their own account! Thus, I implemented this button in the settings page!


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