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Bi-weekly Update (3)

October 12th, 2018 to October 26th, 2018

General Thoughts

I have fixed some previous issues, while unfortunately creating some new issues. I was able to implement a DigitalOcean Spaces object in which will allow me to allow users to upload larger files. I was able to create new functions like "Forgot Password", email notifications, "Floating Labels", and more! I have made great steps in making the website responsive and user friendly with the beginning stages of responsive design in the CSS and adding comments to the PHP files to tell people about what the files do.


Issue 1:4 From Bi-Weekly Update (1): I have finally fixed the issue with accepting "breaks, quotation marks, and apostrophes" within the upload function! I decided to post about on StackOverFlow to see if there was a solution as $ITEM = mysqli_real_escape_string($CONNECTION, $_POST['FEILD']) and $ITEM = nl2br($_POST['FEILD']) weren't allowing me to get all the strings. But from a solution mysqli_real_escape_string($CONNECTION, nl2br($_POST['FEILD'])) worked! I have tried to do the reverse but had no luck and didn't think to try the correct way!

Issue 1:6 From Bi-Weekly Update (1): I did end up by going with DigitalOcean and Spaces to store my files! However, a new somewhat of an issue arose.

1) In order for me to work with DigitalOcean Spaces I need to use an API/SDK and I decided to go with Amazon's AWS SDK as it is compatible with Spaces and seems to be fairly modular! I further adapted code from the community article on DigitalOcean "How to use DigitalOcean Spaces with the AWS S3 SDKs?" to allow me to accept these uploads!

2) I've been able to fix the looping issue within the creation/managing Opus Collections! However the automatic changing for videos on the collections pages are still not working. That's the only thing at this time! I think I need a way to get the array of video ids, find the current video, find when the video is finished, then find the next video, and change the URL vid id to the next video.

3) Thanks Robin for uploading the .mov video! Sadly, .mov videos aren't supported on Chrome and with this, I will remove the format from being allowed.

4) As I was coding the responsiveness of the website, I was wondering why I was having so many issues with the menu section in the header, I was starting to think I would have to do multiple view points to get it to work. Then I was looking back at my code and noticed that I using (position) left: instead of right: and thus I changed it and it's working good now.


I have been able to successfully integrate DigitalOcean's Spaces as a way to store the users videos, thumbnails, and avatars this will allow me to increase the the upload limits of the files.

I've also been able to reconfigure my upload codes to allow for the DigitalOcean uploads and converted the video upload function into a multi-step processes.

I added began the initial implementation of email notifications that get send when a user signups, changed account or profile settings, or uploads a video! In the next update I am planning on further implementation.

Oh shoot; I forgot my password! No worries, you can easily reset your password with the new "Forgot Password" function which adapts code from CodeWithAwa!

I finally fixed Issue 1:4 with uploading video descriptions with breaks or quotation marks through the use of mysqli_real_escape_string($CONNECTION, nl2br($_POST['FEILD']))!

I made the initial implementation of responsive design with the further implementation of "Floating Labels" to the form fields.

I began the process of adding comments to the PHP files to include information of what the files are meant for.


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