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Bi-weekly Update (2)

September 27th, 2018 to October 12th, 2018

General Thoughts

It's been another bi-weekly of successes! Cleaned up code and functions, created error handlers, fixed the header navigation with functioning links and account dropdown; created account and profile settings, an Administration panel, dynamic page titles, view counts on videos and profiles, category functions, private video function; paginated some feeds, and began to code follow and opus collection functions.


I haven't really had any notable issues besides the following; the other's I've been able to debug fairly quick!

1) I can create Opus Collections and have selectable videos; upload them as a string to the database; take that string and "explode" them to separate them into individual parts in an array. However, I can echo out this list and put it in a foreach loop however, I can't take these and loop them through an SQL query and then create another foreach loop to echo out data from the videos database with the corresponding id from the exploded array. I'm thinking this maybe a for loop/function that needs to be created.

2) I still have yet to figure out solutions to Issue 4 from the last Bi-Weekly Update in addition to looking into "Issue" 6.


I have been able to accomplish a number of code cleanup to make my functions and pages load faster and more efficiently. I have re-configured the video player with some new layouts, re-configured my upload functions as it wasn't fully sanitary and was causing some temp file errors and such; so I got that fixed. I have started the "Error Handlers" processes on the majority of pages and functions.

Most all the links in the headers are now functioning as they should be with an "Account Section Dropdown" menu. I added functions and settings for profiles and accounts while adding a "Administration" level with all account and video access and edit powers.

Added view counts to videos and profiles.

I've made the page titles somewhat dynamic in the sense that I can add some Javascript at the beginning of every page to echo the set page title of the page.

I've added a categories page with corresponding category pages.

I've added pagination to the home page, category, and certain dashboard pages.

I've introduced the ability to set videos to "Private" which are only viewable by the uploader or admin levels 0-1 (Administrator or Moderator).

With the further addition of adding base function for following an Opus Creator and Opus Collections.


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