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Video CMS The Proposal: Opus Vid


In the past years YouTube has been going on a downward spiral and losing the trust from their Content Creators from the changes in which they implemented in February of 2018 to the YouTube Partnership Program (Appendix I.A). To the issues with YouTube's algorithms with content ID, recommendations and subscription boxes, and the 2017 LGBTQ+ Controversy with the age restriction algorithms (Appendix I.B). With this I would like to take the opportunity to create my own CMS in which I would allow people to upload videos to and create a more organic community to that of YouTube.


I have been a Content Creator since early January 2010 (January 10th to be specific) and have seen the changes in which YouTube as a platform has made from changing the layout of Content Creator’s channels; to the changes of the video players; to the changes of the home page and subscription boxes; to even the introduction of Live Streaming. Through my years of creating content on YouTube I have felt like there was something that didn’t feel “natural”. It finally came to me that the popular YouTubers in the later years of YouTube where becoming popular from “unnatural” ways with inappropriate use of SEO tools, money, looks, and other ways of creating “clickbait” features such as using fake titles or fake thumbnails to produce more views.

With this, I would like to create a new way of attracting more “natural” viewers, subscribers, and creating a community where everyone has the same tools to help them be successful.

The name Opus Vid is steamed from the word “Opus” which means a piece of work typically referred in the world of Opera and Music but can be expanded to any form of productions. Thus, “Opus Vid is a portal for all your pieces of videography(Vid) work(Opus)”.


Throughout the CMS I’ll be manually displaying videos in a chronological order so that everyone will have the opportunity to watch new videos. This will be expanded to a subscription or follow base in which someone can follow their favourite content creators (called Opus Creators) and then will see a feed of the new videos that are uploaded from the creators; similar to YouTube but will be shown without the work of algorithms and will be more consistent.

Opus Vid will feature a modern design language with drop shadows, clearly defined actions, and feature a portal for uploading and managing content.

Each Opus Vid player page will consist of the video player; description information with the video title, sort and full description, and the meta information; follow button; and comment field.

The home page will contain a feed of videos in one of two formats:

  1. Logged Out User/Not Following Anyone
  2. Following “Opus Creators”

In the state of feed 1) viewers will be presented with a feed of videos from all Opus Creators (content creators whom are making content) sorted from newest to oldest from time of refreshing; whereas in state 2) viewers will be presented with a feed of videos from the Opus Creators in which they follow. When state 2 is active they will have the opportunity to view all new videos from all Opus Creators.

There will also be another feed of videos in which are sorted by categories with videos displayed from new to oldest from the given category.

When you search for a video you will be presented with another feed that will display videos related to the searched word in the order of, you guest it, newest to oldest.

My hopes with this CMS is to create different styles and implementations for videos that are in a series such as TV shows from a movie or vlog style of video.

This project will be inspired by the YouTuber DevMarketer series “Build Advanced Blog/ CMS from Start to Finish”. I will be doing my own twists on the CMS and implementing my own code and changing things from the video. However, I was able to learn about Laravel implementation though this series.


In the creation of Opus Vid I’ll be learning and using the frameworks and tools of Laravel, Vue.js, SASS with Gulp, MySQL, PHP, Git (GitHub), Axios, Laratrust, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, and possibly more.

I’ll be using Laravel with the combination of Vue JS, Axios, and Laratrust to create the fundamental backend of the CMS with Laravel I’ll be able to configure the backend to allow me to accept video uploads, create posts from them, allow users to edit the video details, or remove the videos. Vue JS may not be used as I may be able to create the functions created from the framework with JavaScript and JQuery. Axios is more like a plugin for Laravel which allows for easier and straightforward routing (URL or URI structure) through the CMS. Laratrust is another plugin for Laravel but allows for secure authentication and authorization with users and their roles.

I have opted to use SASS for this scale of project; as there will be many variables and styles within it; which would make SASS more optimal to use over CSS3.

MySQL will be used to store all the database information.

I decided that it would be a good idea to use Git or GitHub to keep a tracking repository of this project in which I can set different “branches” for each “Bi-weekly updates,” the “Beta Testing,” and the “Final Project” so that way it is easy to see the changes that has been made from each step. Furthermore, if I decide to continue this project past the educational institution I’ll be able to keep updating it with new versions and be able to spend more time coding new things instead of needing to recode things and re-deploy the project.

The website will be hosted on the domain name and hosted under my personal server, DLP Host. I’m going to be looking into rather expanding the storage of my server or seeing if I could have the videos hosted elsewhere and then just insert them in the CMS. Bi-weekly updates and other forms of updates and versions can be seen via my “assignment portal” at under the section DIGI 405.

I would like to find a way in which I can capture and tabulate statistics for the Opus Creators. This maybe implemented through the Google Analytics framework.


Throughout these 13 or so weeks I’ll be creating the back-end, server-side, the front-end, beta test the website with classmates, friends, maybe try to get some outside sources to use the service, and then after some touch ups release the “final project” and present it in someway.

I have selected the font in which will be used in this project which is Google’s Web Font “Montserrat”. I will be using the following colour scheme:

Main (Purple)










Font (Black)


And I have created some logo designs as well (Appendix II) and the video button UI elements (Appendix III). I will be further creating other icons in which will be done at a later time. I have however, done an early mock up version of my Video Player page (Appendix IV).


The outcome of this project is to create a Video CMS that can be used by anyone. This project will be a project that will most likely continue past this course and thus, my expectation at the end of the semester is create a “functional base” in which I can allow users to upload and manage videos in addition to allow viewers to watch these videos. I am hoping to implement a system in which will allow users to follow the Opus Creators.


Appendix I

A. Read more about the YouTube Partnership Debacle on my (Donald Louch) blog:

“Case Study: YouTube Partnership Program Debacle” by Donald Louch

B. Read more about the algorithms of YouTube on my (Donald Louch) blog:

“The Algorithms of YouTube and Their Creators” by Donald Louch

Appendix II

Opus Vid Logos

Appendix III


Appendix IV

Opus Vid Player1 Opus Vid Player2

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