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OpusVid Beta Testing Results


OpusVid is far enough in the process to the point where the website can receive Beta Status! With that, the beta to OpusVid was launched on Thursday, October 8th, 2018. After a week of testers, testing the website here's what people had to say!


When conducting the beta testing I had three primary "staging environments" which contained one in-person environment and three online environments.

The in-person testing environment was in the Fall 2018 DIGI 280 video class at VIU. This was during a Presentation that I presented the beta version of OpusVid to.

The three online environments were


I was hoping that I would receive feedback entries via. the form on OpusVid. However, I only received one entry which was to inform me of the spelling mistake on the home page. I did, however, receive a number of comments of feedback from the in-person testing; and feedback on the SubReddit post and the Facebook post (sent via. a message).

Home (Beta Info) Page

1a) On the homepage with the Beta information, I had three spelling errors. Which were:

1b) As well as, that the "responsive design" wasn't working as intended on Android devices as users weren't able to scroll the page and thus not allowed to proceed with testing.

Account Creation

2a) From the in-person beta testing, a number of people were having issues when signing up which was linked to not uploading an avatar. With that, I also didn't have the proper "error message" show up. This was linked with the ordering of the "error message".

2b) Another issue, one tester ran into was not being allowed to use hyphens in their last name.

Player Page

3a) Another issue that a tester ran into was having the "Unfollow" button show when they weren't following the user. I have tried to recreate this issue but wasn't able to.

3b) A user was running into issues with the hover-able player controls "as it appears to not always work" (v3ritas1989). I have tried this in a number of browsers and screen dimensions; the controls always work as intended for me. This issue could be because of the next issue they pointed out.

3c) As stated by v3ritas1989,

The video appears to be 4:3 resolution while I am using standard 16:9 (this alse hides the video UI, I would have to scroll, which I am unable to do there)

I was able to somewhat resolve this issue or at least what I would say the root would be! From my guess, three videos were uploaded with no thumbnail or there was an error with the upload and thus, not including the thumbnail which made the video player tag to act glitchy with the poster attribute. With this, I just made sure in step two of the upload process if the video has a thumbnail with no extension then switch the thumbnail path to a "placeholderThumbnail". Thus also possibly fixing the previous issue.

3d) v3ritas1989 also pointed to the notion that some of the preview images (or thumbnails) are taking a while to load. This could be something to do with caching or possibly DigitalOcean as they've been having some issues with their other data centres to that of the one I'm on.

Profile Page

4a) It was brought to my attention that the view counts on profiles may be a little unfair/buggy and adding a new view when clicking on the profile. Thus, I delayed the view count update by 5 seconds and added a check to see if the user was not the one viewing the profile.

4b) In profile pages it was found that the video thumbnails were linking to "player.php?id=$" instead of "player?id=$" thus creating a 404 error.

$ = Video ID

Edit Profile

5a) When editing a profile and primarily when updating the avatar, the update failed due to an incorrect file path to the email sending function. It was pointing to "emails_editProfile.php" instead of "emails/email_editProfile.php".

Thoughts From Testing

From doing the in-person testing I was able to see the actual issues (2a, 3a, 4b, and 5a) happen in real-time which allowed me to quickly think of the solution and made implementation quicker.

Additionally, from the in-person testing, I was able to see that I have a lot of work to do in regards to implementing a better responsive design.

I noticed that people didn't really follow the Beta Tasks that I had set up. And did more "free flow" testing.


I wished I would've gotten more people to test and for them test the Opus Collections and search function.

Most of the above issues have been resolved and are live on the website and will be committed in Bi-Weekly Update (5)

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