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Recap: WWDC 2016

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Yesterday, Apple held their 27th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The conference opened up with a moment of silence for the victims and their families involved in the horrific tragedy of the mass shooting that happened in Florida on Sunday. Later, Apple moved on to talked about the line of events for the conference which was the new watchOS, tvOS, iOS and macOS (formally OS X) operating systems updates and further releasing a brand new app all about learning how to code.

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Mac Hard-Drive Repair Experience

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It’s amazing the difference one bracket can do to a computer. In the past year, I noticed that my Mac was getting slower. I know, that due to heavy usage over time, hardware can break down and become slow. However, I noticed that the performance gradually decrease and then around three months ago, I noticed a majorly fast decrease in speed. Furthermore, I haven’t had the Mac for a long time and I spent a fair bit of money on the Mac. Therefore, I thought it was a little odd how quick my Mac became slow.

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8 Months Later: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

On:Technology Puzzle | Posted on: | Issues, S6, S6 Edge, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy, Update

I got my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge eight months and four days ago. When I got this phone, I thought “this is the best phone that I have ever owned”. However, a few weeks down the road the phone started to have problems… and started to become a bad phone and one of the worst experience that I have had with a cell phone. Now keep in mind that this is just my experience and there are lots of people that have had a very positive experience with the S6 Edge. However, like some, mine is very far from that.

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YouTube: New Interface, Editing Tools and Full Vertical Videos

On:Technology Puzzle | Posted on: | Android, App Update, Google, iOS, YouTube

Yesterday, Google released an update to their YouTube app for both iOS (version 10.28) and Android (10.28.59). The most recent update includes a newly redesigned layout (Android Only), mobile notifications, the ability to watch vertical videos in full screen mode and Google has also added new tools to help creators when uploading videos (Android Only).

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The Blood Ban

On:Donald Louch | Posted on: | Assignment, Blood, Blood Ban, Canadian Blood Service, CBS, Class, CMNS 165, CNMS 165, Donation, Gay, MSM

In this day and age it’s, shocking and unreal to hear that any men who have sex with men (MSM) cannot donate blood due to the risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This made since in the past, but now we have the technology to test for HIV quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the policy has changed, making the deferral time from a lifetime to five years (now down to 1 year), however; it still needs to be changed.

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

On:Technology Puzzle | Posted on: | Dual Edge Screen, Edged Screen, Fingerprint, Galaxy, Heart Rate, S6, S6 Ege, Samsung, Smart-phone, Tech, Technoogy

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of Samsung’s latest flagship smart-phones. The S6 and S6 Edge share the exact same specs, the only differences is the screen. With that the edge features some pretty decent specs and features. The phone features a 16 mega pixel camera and can record video in 4K. The phone additionally, features a fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor.

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Free The Education

On:Donald Louch | Posted on: | Assignment, BC, Class Assignment, CMNS 165, Education, Free, Movement, Opinion Piece, School

Free education in BC is good because it helps the economy, students wouldn’t have to take out loans and it’s a basic human right. With free education, it would create more jobs in the education field, construction industry, and any job out there. We can get people off the streets and into the working force. Furthermore, “[an] educated citizen is a more productive citizen, therefore, able to pay more taxes” (, 2015).

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Coming Out

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I Want To Get A Fact Straight… I’m Not! I have decided to tell you the truth about who I am and what my sexuality is. It may come as a shock to you, however, I don’t just only like girls, but I like guys. I, however, view girls as friendship material. Additionally, I can appreciate women and see beauty in them. However, I don’t feel any attraction towards women. Therefore, I am gay. I am however proud to be who I am as well as who I love and no one can tell me any different!

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